Active For Life Programs

The stadium has a wide range of programs for older adults that promote active ageing, enjoyment for all, and a fun social environment.

Shepparton Sports Stadium’s Active for Life Programs are accessible to all. The programs are designed to suit older adults, however are suitable for people of any age and ability. Morning tea is provided for each session.

Group fitness classes are instructed by fully qualified trainers

Contact the Shepparton Sports Stadium for further information about the Active for Life Programs.

Activity Time Price per
Tai Chi
Gentle exercises and breathing that will relax your body and mind
Monday 9.30am $7.10
Keenagers Table Tennis
A fun and social hit for those who enjoy a casual game. Equipment provided, or bring your own
Tuesday 9.00am
Thursday 1.00pm
Tuesday Strength Training
A slower sitting and standing program with a focus on increasing overall strength, but also flexibility, mobility, posture and balance.
Tuesday 11.30am $7.10
Social Badminton
A casual hit of badminton for a variety of abilities. Equipment provided, or bring your own
Wednesday 9.00am
Friday 9.00am
Wednesday Strength Training
A sitting and standing program using lighter weights to develop and maintain muscle endurance, agility and coordination. All exercises can be modified to suit all needs and abilities
Wednesday 9.30am $7.10
Fun, Fitness & Self Defence
Learn Self Defence and stay fit and healthy at the same time
Thursday 9.30am $7.10
Friday Strength Training
A weights circuit program that focuses on increasing strength, balance, and hand-eye coordination. All exercises can be modified to suit all needs and abilities

Friday 9.30am
and         Friday 11am


Multi-Visit Passes are also available:

Group Fitness 10 Visit Pass: $53.30
Group Fitness 20 Visit Pass: $106.60
Table Tennis/Badminton 10 Visit Pass: $36.80
Table Tennis/Badminton 20 Visit Pass: $73.60

You can download out Active for Life Flyer below:

Conditions of Participation

By participating in the Active for Life programs you are obliged to understand the following:

  • Consent: All participants are required to complete and sign the Participant Activity Readiness Questionnaire (Par Q) form before taking part in any program. The form can be found below:
  • Medical Clearance: Any person that is required to obtain medical clearance (as determined by the Par Q form), must do so before attending any of the programs.
  • Returning after Absence: If you have been admitted to hospital, or been away for an extended time, missed a class or have been advised to seek advice for anything that required medical treatment, you are required to present a medical clearance from a GP.

It is your responsibility to notify staff of any changes to your medical status, medications or personal information.

General Information

  • Don’t come to class if you are feeling unwell
  • Inform staff if you have an injury
  • Work within your limitations, rest when necessary and stop if you feel dizzy, unwell, or if an exercise hurts
  • Bring any medications that you may need ie. Ventolin
  • Bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing and supportive footwear